Sunday, November 16, 2008

Update + Gift Post

Momma/Tracy is typing, Kilroy is snoopervising:

MANY THANKS to everyone who offered support and care for the Love Beastie dad (Dan). He reads the comments from his hospital bed and really appreciates them. He also hasn't had his surgery yet, as the leg is still too swollen, thus posing a safety risk (it would be like opening a can of biscuit dough and then trying to reseal it). We really appreciate your warm comments and really enjoy what a loving community this is.

We won a drawing at The Furry Bambinos' blog (It's up now!!), and it came at the perfect time (check out their blog for the fun shopping trip pictures!). I had just come home from an exhausting hospital merry-go-round: Dan was shuttled to a rural hospital that was an hour away from our house (he was working when he fell off a ladder)... waited 5 hours... I was finally able to join him... two hours later we took an ambulance to a hospital that's an hour away from our house in the opposite direction...hung out in their waiting room...finally got a sleeping room at 3 AM and tried to sleep, but the nurses did their jobs and took his vitals every few hours. And I didn't have a car with me after riding in the ambulance, so I had to get a ride and finally came home to make sure the babies were okay. Unfortunately, they were a little stressed and weirded out.

Sure enough, what was on my doorstep?
"Pssst...hey Sadie, whatta you think dat is?"
"I dunno, Leah. Do you fink dat's our new daddy?"

"Hey! Stoopit woofies! That's not our new daddy! That's...uh..."

"It's a special kind of treat! You chew on it, see? Nom nom nom"

"Wait, there's something inside it! What's this? A PRESENT!"

"Hey, look! Everycat (and hooman) from the Furry Bambinos sent us a nice card! All right! Okay now momma, I want you to open that box!"

"LOOK AT ALL THIS NEAT STUFF! There are chicken and turkey TEMPTAYSHUNS, some neat-o Whisker Lickins, super potent catnip, two catnip fishies, a catnip mousie, a bright catnip mousie with fevvers, a NIP NANNA!!, a sparkly wand and a fevver wand, and even a bone, toy, and ball for the woofies!" (did I forget anything? The Love Beasties have already run off to the four corners of the house with all the toys!)

"Oh, you're trying to make a nice display in order to show your appreciation, momma? Fat chance! I mean, look at all this awesome loot! We totally forget why we were sad!"

"Wow! Cool!"

"Quit hogging the nip 'nanna, you big stinky floofball!"

"Ahhhh. I think I'm just going to roll all over everything now."

*roll roll roll*

*happy happy* *sniff sniff* *happy happy*

Leah: "I can has toys too?"

"I love kitty toys."

"Lookit dat. All sparkly."

"OH BOY! A squeaky tennis ball!"

"This is perfect for me! I love to throw stuff and then pounce on it!"


"Anything else in this box? No? Okay then, maybe I can fit in it."

"Can I sleep in the box too?"

"Don't upset your tummy, Mr. Mousie!"

"Thank you, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Padre, and Furry Bambino hoomans!"

"I fanks you with my LASER EYES!"

"And I got dressed up to thank you. Thank you, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Padre and Furry Bambino hoomans!"

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bad News

Hai everycat, I gots some bad news...

Daddy fell of a ladder and broke his leg in several places while he was at work. Poor daddy. It's so bad that they have to do surgeries on it. Mommy's gonna leave in a little while so she can go be with daddy. Between this and schoolwork (and that fact that mommy might need to get a job now on top of schoolwork), you may not see much of us for a little while. We've been trying to visit blogs, but it hasn't been easy - so please don't think that we're not thinking of you!

The Furry Bambinos are sending us a prize package soon, and we want to make a post about that (and even maybe donate some stuff in their honor) but that may take a little while.

So please purr/ay for Daddy. Momma didn't think he'd end up in the hospital anymore once he retired from being a bad-guy-stopper, but she should've known better when he decided to start his own handyman business. :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I forgot to announce it, but today is the day when we celebrate my and Macy's days when we were gotted!!

This is my FIFTH Gotcha day - cuz momma found me as a wee baby kittie and now I'm about 5 manly mancat years old.
Here is a picture of me as a wee baby kittie!

This is Macy's 1st Gotchaversary here, even though she's about 4 years old. Here, you can see one of her pseudo-milestones: feeling comfortable enough to snuggle up in momma's briefcase and office junk. Go Macy.

Momma's bad with dates, so she decided that our Gotchaversary could be on the same day since we were both brought into the family around the same time of year.

Thanks for looking!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Leopard spots?

Mwahaha, Momma has the leopard spots on her face. We thinks she is part kitty. (You may need to biggify the picture to see all the spots).