Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Kissing cranky boys


Even though I can act very cranky sometimes, mommy knows dat I love her with all of my little kitty heart. Dat’s why she can’t stop smooching me or snorgling me. She hugs me and harasses me, all to get my attention. I usually play it cool, like “Ick! Cooties!” but then I prance off and clean myself and secretly hope she’ll give me more lovin’. Sometimes I stand around in her general vicinity, waiting to be picked up and squeezed. But then when I can’t see her, I gets scared and call out her name (“Wow-wow?”) until she lets me know dat she’s nearby.
Well, today she surprised me. I walked into her office this morning and pretended to ignore her as my way of saying “Good Morning,” just hoping dat she’d come over and give me love. And, of course, she did; she went to pick me up by the armpits (which is one way that she slings me over her shoulder, and I love dat) so I even picked my paws off the ground to help her. I was thinking, “Oh boy, I get to put my head on her shoulder again.”
But she tricked me! Instead of hugging me close, she gave me a big kiss on my nose! I opened my eyes in surprise. I’m not supposed to like kisses! I gave her a dirty glare and pushed my back feet against her tummy so that she couldn’t give me any more kisses on the nose! As much as she tried to pull me towards her, my back legs just wouldn’t budge and she eventually put me down on the floor.
Ugh, kisses. It’s okay if I get kisses on my head or on my cheeks cuz I can just pretend not to like them, but right on the nose? Someone’s gonna think I like girl cooties. Sheesh, mom.
Do any of you boy (or girl) cats have to put up with an overly affectionate human?
(Loaded question, I know!)
UPDATE: I have discovered another way to get mommy's attention. There is a baby gate in the kitchen doorway to keep the woofies from going to their favorite chew-on-the-wall spots but it keeps me from moving through the whole house unless I want to LEAP over the dumb thing. So in the mornings, while mommy's still sleeping, I bang on it while calling for her. It sounds like this ("Wow-wow" is the name I call for mommy): BAM BAM! Woo-wow!! BAM! WOW-WOW! woo? BAM BAM BAM! Wow-wow? WOW-WOW! BAM BAM BAM!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Super Duper Busy

Hai Everycat! I has three personal announcements! I will include gratuitous pictures of myself to make this post more exciting.
1. Mommy totally reformatted her computer and re-installed Vista. She got rid of a alotta junk so it will be easier for me to blog now. However, she was careless and lost some stuff. But she didn't lose the most importantest stuff, like her writing and my pictures! I is so happy with my new-acting computer.
2. Mommy started going back to school this week! She's aiming for her Masters in Human Services and she LOVES it. She's going to the online school Capella and it's very challenging! I don't know what it's like to go to Masters level courses in an on-site school, but she says that with online schooling you are forced to interact and express yourself. She says it's super cool. I think it's super cool because I can sit in her lap while she tries to find online library references to Erikson's Psychosocial theory which don't require her to pay $14.95 a month.

3. Mommy and Daddy are leaving me for Christmas!! :( They are gonna go to Orlando so they can see Aunt Caitlin, who is visiting from Japan. Aunt Caitlin doesn't want to go home because, hey, if you're paying a gajillion green papers for a ticket you might as well go somewhere fun. And mommy and daddy can easily drive to Orlandia. Cait's and mommy's parents can drive there too. Cait is bringing along her boyfriend, Kanchan. Caitlin and Kanchan have a very sad love story because they are so much in love but Kanchan has to go to monk school very soon for 3 years and he cannot see her, write her, email her or call her for that entire time. I is under the impression that he *has* to do it because it's part of a family honor thing.

So I just wanted to express my news via my blog. Hope everyone is having a nice weekend!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

#11: All cats are to be worshipped

more cat pictures

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Another hero's work is completed.

Our hearts go out to Laura and her family.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Things we love

I is going to post about 2 things I love. The fridge meme will provide an intro for the first one!

Jan's Funny Farm tagged us for a cold box meme.

The rules are:Show us a photo of the front of your Cold Box and tell us about at least one thing on it and one thing you keep inside of it! Tag your friends and remember to stay COOL! And no fair cleaning it up first!!!

Very much like Jan's, our fridge is a little bare too. Not much personality here. Just lotsa glare.

Ugh, what a crazy glare. What is one thing inside it? Why FOOD, of course! heheheh.

Okay, we have...hmm.... cheese inside it. Brie, to be exact. One of the foods I jump on mommy's lap and freak out for.

So what's on it? The one thing I wanted to mention is ART FROM JOANNA. It's the paper you see on the right hand side (on the front). Joanna is a super smart 8 year old who is the daughter of one of mommy's friends, Melody. For mommy's birthday, Joanna drew pictures of pokemon and created a storybook and made her card. So here's stuff we love #1: Joanna and her family! Joanna is a prodigy photographer and is showing/selling her work online at The Crim-de-la-Crim Boutique.

Otherwise, our fridge be boring. We would like to tag Ruby, who is the family cat for Joanna and Melody. Mwahaha. Mel, email me pictures of your fridge and do the meme. Don't be afraid to talk about which magnets that 1 yr old Matthew finds the tastiest.

And #2 is Moki. I haven't been reading his blog for very long but his journey is incredible! The poor guy has a neurological condition which had reduced him to a limp noodle - but after a long journey, he's getting better! Check out this link to see his latest water therapy session (if you haven't already). It's completely amazing. It's so very inspiring to all catkind (and hopefully woofkind too). If only animal therapy was less expensive and more commonplace (cuz we totally understand how hard it is to pay for treatment). To help Moki continue his treatments, please consider purchasing a raffle ticket from Deb & ML's Auctions. I know that many of you have probably already seen this, but we wanted to post it for anyone who hasn't seen it.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Daddy's Birthday

For a belated birthday gift, Daddy was taken out to dinner last night by Mommy, Gramma, Great Gramma and their friend Nona (an honorary Aunt. You hear that, Nona? You're our kittycat aunt!)

They went to a Mexican restaurant and Gramma snuck in presents. So the waitstaff saw it was Daddy's birthday and started singing to him - with the LOUDEST noisemakers Mommy's EVAR heard. Everyone was lookin'. Daddy was so embarrassed. Heehee. He enjoyed himself anyway. Especially cuz they gave him a shot of tequila instead of a birthday cake.

Sorry there are no pictures. Mommy forgot the camera. Hope everyone had a good Independance Day!

Mommy said that Gramma had a good laugh when she told her that she has to tuck me into bed every night or else I get my feelings hurt. Does any other kitty like to be tucked into bed for night-night?

P.S. Thank you EVERYONE for all your comments. We pay attention to them and love them and are trying to be as personable as possible cuz we love you guys. We've been havin' trouble getting around to blogs lately cuz of busy stuff.