Friday, May 30, 2008

A Poem by Macy

Hello everykitteh!

Fank you all for your input about the Craigslist post. Some love dat site and others don't like it, all for good reasons. There were many valuable points brought up in your responses.

And now, on a lighter note, Macy has written a poem for us about bugs!

By Macy

Gossamer buggies
that I like to eatses
Full of more nummies
than cat food or treatses.
I puts dem in my mouf
from whence dey goes souf
down through my tummy
and into my feetses!

Some have hard & crunchy legs,
and some melt-in-your-mouth wings.
But dey all have juicy, slimy insides
and dose ALL make up my fav'rite fings!

Dey say dat buggies bite you,
but I return the favor;
on my tongue, betwixt my fangers,
bug flavor is what I savor!

So open your windows
and open your hatches!
I will enjoy every buggy
dat my curly claws catches!
From mornin' to night, dusk til dawn,
a hearty dose of buggy juise is what I'll be on!

Buggies for lunch ::clap clap:: Buggies for tea ::clap clap::
Buggies for you and buggies for me ::clap clap::


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Adopting kitties & puppies

Hey everyone,

First of all, lemme give some well-deserved credit to animal shelters and their workers and volunteers who help kitties and puppies have healthy lives and find wonderful furrever homes.These people are angels who help animals live in a clean environment where they recieve as much love and care as the shelter workers can give.

But I'd like to bring up an alternate adoption option: Many of you probably already know about this site. Under your local Craigslist, you can find many cats, dogs and other animals up for adoption under the "pets" category.

Many pets up for adoption on this site are beloved family pets and are treated well. Often, the owners are very sad that they must let go of their pet, but there are reasons which are forcing them into that situation. Many foster parents and shelters also use Craigslist to help find forever homes for the fur-babies in their care.

However, there are also many pets up for adoption on Craigslist who are not being treated well.

While some owners will interview potential adopting families and ask for reasonable adoption fees (to make sure the owner is willing to make a commitment), others will ask for outrageous adoption fees (Craigslist prohibits selling but allows adoption fees) or will not care much about where the animals go.

So if you or anyone you know is looking for a new addition to the family, I wanted to bring up as an option. We got Macy, Leah and Sadie from Craigslist; while we certainly don't want to make any assumptions about their previous families, Macy and Leah really needed months of TLC to show their true loving selves once they got here (and I'm not just talking about re-adjusting to a new place). Sadie, on the other hand, came from an angel of a young woman who can't stand to see animals suffer and who was acting as a foster parent.

And, of course, be aware of scams that awful people might be posting on Craigslist.

Okay, dat's my lecture for the day. :) Fanks for reading.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Kilroy: My human just got laid off. The boss had to call her on her day off to say that there were big money problems so she and everyone else there is being laid off, effectively immediately. She doesn't even need to come into work tomorrow.

Tracy (the human): I've got my suspicions about what's REALLY going on, but this is WAY BETTER - so who cares? I've got two words to say here: unemployment benefits!

That is, until I get a better job.

Kilroy: Mommy can skritches me more!

Kilroy: And she can relax and have fun and finish some of her books while she's lookin' for dat new job. Her first book is a how-to guide and it's gettin' published any day now, but her life's work is Sci-Fi... and agents don't seem to get really excited about that. If she knew how to market 'em, she'd just print them herself through one of these online publishing companies!

She's also an artist, as her digital stuff can be found here: She was thinking about trying to market those as well, but doesn't know where to start. Does anyone have any advice?

Anyway, FREEDOM! :::Deep sigh of relief::: ...Well, that is... until the next job, but hopefully it'll be a good job!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Anyone ever use this stuff?

Time for flea and tick season to get in gear, so mommy bought all the furry things living here some flea 'n tick meds. Has anyone tried the below product? It's Sentry: Natural Defense and it supposedly works with 100% natural ingredients. If you have, has it worked well for you?

If this product is for cats & kittens, why is there some kind of marmot posing with a human on the cover?

So mommy put the stuff on me and I was all CRANK-A-DANK (that's her slang for "super cranky") because I then smelled very strongly of mint and lemongrass oil. It took me a while to forgive her - ESPECIALLY because I would try to clean myself and then I would taste that icky stuff..... but yes mommy, you're right... at least it's not poison!

Mommy still uses the poison back-of-the-neck stuff on the doggies (because they don't clean their furs like we do) but sometimes it just doesn't seem to work.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

4 Notes

These are slightly belated...


Our hearts go out to the friends and especially the family of dear Bonnie Underfoot.


Happy Birthday, ML! You're such a sweetie!

3. Big ol' furry HUGS to everyone!

4. I should announce that my Thursday Photoshoot is all photoshopped. No, I'm not talking about how smooth my fur looks or the size of my leisure pouch, but the "mancatkini" that I was supposedly wearing is a fake. Mommy's friend Melody called her and said she was scarred at the idea that mommy put lingerie on a cat. No, I had nothin' on... I was nekkid, so mommy just used Corel Photopain to paint on a fake mancatkini. I know this will disappoint my fans, but I don't want anyone to be disgusted or scarred. :)

(Special thanks to Zoolatry for the lovely images)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Application for a PlayPuss photoshoot

Dear PlayCat,

I'm an avid reader of the sultry magazine that you publish for us lusty mancats, PlayTom. I'll forever be a bachelor because of all the byootiful girl cats who grace the pages of your monthly publication (well, that and I'm neutered).

Not only am I a faithful subscriber to PlayTom, but I feel as though I would be an excellent model for the magazine you publish for ladycats, PlayPuss. I have a sexah belleh!

I have enclosed several photos of myself wearing a see-thru red ManCatKini, which, as you well know, is made to hide the "leisure pouch" and other private areas of a sexy mancat such as myself. (I think some cats call their lesiure pouch a "furchin.") To show off our poobic furs is not modest, and I know that your magazine likes to keep a level of class.

The photo shown above is your average side shot of me which shows off my massive leisure pouch. No matter what they say, I know that size does matter to the ladycats, and my belleh fits the bill! From this side shot you can see how my ManCatKini supports my ample pouch by wrapping around my tail and going between my legs like a thong. Here I am also wearing the sexah matching collar for this ManCatKini.

Here's a frontal view I'm sure the ladycats will meow wildly for! It's an action shot that shows off my belleh AND my leisure pouch, and nope - there's no toy mousie stuffed in there! It's all mancat, baby!

Here's another shot that shows off my wild side. Grrr. Rowr. Purrrr. You like that, ladycats? Oh yeah, let Kilroy show you why he's called the Love Beastie.

I thought I'd just throw in this photo for kicks, especially for any vampire-luvin' kittens out there. Yes ladies, those fangers are just as real as my leisure pouch. Oh, are you worried I might scratch ya? Don't worry, I only do that to squares. I'll use nuthin' but the pads on you, baby.

And finally, I decided I'd include a back shot just to drive the ladies wild. You can see the ManCatKini going under my tail. Now, my looks say "Chartreux" breed, but my faint stripes say "Mixed" breed... and you know how the ladies like those bad boys who don't conform to society!

So PlayPuss, lemme know when I can come by for my photoshoot. I'll bring lots of extra outfits to pose in. I'd like to do it while my mommy is at work, since she doesn't approve of sexist objectification of living beings. Be sure to give me lots of advance notice... for transportation I can strap a saddle on one of the dogs, but they'll definitely get lost a few times on the way there.

Thanks a squillion!

Kilroy L. Beastie
(cuz "Love" is my middle name, baby!)

(edit: Please excuse the last shot- I realized that it shows every flaw in the bedroom. We live in an old house from 1939 and are fixing it up as we go.)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mommy's Trip + Sadie's Meme

Mommy just got back from Asheville, NC and Pigeon Forge + Gatlinburg, TN. They're all close together and all a LOT of fun. She'll try to post pictures later.

Meanwhile, she's got some spare time at work but has no pictures to share! So I'm gonna have Sadie, the Crazy One, fill out the meme that I did.

The rules are as follows:
The rules of the game get posted at the beginning.
Okay Kilwoy, I did dat!
Each player answers the questions about themselves.
At the end of the post, the player then tags 4 or 5 people and post their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.
I won't do dat, since sooo many other aminals already have answered dis meme.
Let the person who tagged you know when you have posted your answer. Okay Kilwoy, I posted my answer!!!!! Wead it!!! Wead it!!!!

1.What was I doing 10 years ago? - I am five monfs olds, so I coulda been doing anyfing in a previous life! Mommy sez I coulda been a Kamikaze cuz I'm CWAZY and I wun into everyfing HEADFURST or MUDDY PAWS FURST (although I'm careless, I don't so much have the deathwish part tho).

2.What are the 5 things on my to do list for today - 1. Dig holes in the backyard just cuz I CAN. 2. Nip at big sister Wee-ah (Leah) when we pway-fight or get jealous over mommy and daddy's attentions! 3. Whine at Kilwoy or Macy to pway wif me!! I wanna slobber all over dem cuz dat's how we woofers show wuvs!! 4. Cuddle in mommy's lap and give the bitey to the furbrush while she tries to grooms me. 5. Nip at daddy (wif wuv) cuz he likes to jump out and scare us, so I give him the nippy to let him know dat I've got my eye on him!

3. Snacks I enjoy - Poop (even tho mommy and daddy fweak out when I even TRY to eat it), anyfing daddy gives me in the kitchen, and BusyBones.

4. Things I would do if I were a billionaire - Wow, you could buy a lotta stuff wif dat much money! Of course, I'd do stuff to help other woofies and furball kitties. But I'd also buy lotsa BusyBones.

5. Three of my bad habits - What are "bad habits"? I guess it's when mommy and daddy yell at me, right? Like when I jump on the couch wif muddy paws... or pway REALLY rough with Wee-ah INSIDE the house... or I nip mommy and daddy for attentions (cuz I'm da baby! I supposed to gets all the wuvs, right?)

6. Five places I have lived - 1. The Pound, 2. Jessica's house (Jessica is this REALLY nice lady who saw me and knew she couldn't keep me, but she adopted me anyway so that she and her boyfriend/husband [not sure] Joe could pay all my vet bills to get me healthy [my brother died from Parvo and I almost got it!] just so they could adopt me out to a loving home. Mommy gave them some money to help re-imburse them, but she's trying to think if there's any other way to show Jessica her appreciation. Any suggestions? We're gonna invite Joe and Jessica to a BBQ at our house this summer. When mommy's book/script sells and she becomes the next George Lucas [crossing paws! heh], she'll buy Jessica her own shelter cuz dat would be Jessica's dream job). 3. Of course, I now wiv at mommy and daddy's house.

7. Five jobs I have had - 1. Youngest and Cutest Baby Girl Woofie (although I got some competitions.... Wee-ah's pretty cute too!), 2. Kitty-chaser, 3. Lap-warmer, 4. CRAZY in-your-face booga-booga monster!, 5. Little sister to Wee-ah.

(Note: I know I'm not consistent when it comes to the baby talk, but I'm also trying to keep everything readable for someone like myself) :)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Art of Paw-Fu

Fanks to everycat who wrote in to let my mommy know dat I'm not fat! You are all so nice! Now, here's something about another kitty who's fluffy and definitely NOT fat. :)

Macy likes to keep it secret dat she's a master of the ancient art of Paw-Fu. The Paw-Fu fighting stance requires you to lie on your back so that all four sharp-clawed paws are kept up and in the air at all times.

When anyone tries to touch the belleh, you must wave all four paws at them as wildly as possible and scratch anything you can!

As you can see in this photo, Mommy is very dangerously tempting Macy with a pen. Macy moves into a Paw-Fu stance instantly.

You can see dat Macy moves so fast, her photo is blurry!

In this photo, Macy has just knocked the pen into the next room, fanks to her Paw-Fu prowess. If the pen had been a squirrel or a Kilroy, that move would have been much more deadly.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Fashion Friday

Mommy decided my grey fur would look good with a fashionable belt.

All right mommy, whatever. You're so weird.

Hmmm.... I guess I do feel a bit...sexah.

Waitaminnit mommy.... are you trying to tell me I'm fat???

Mommy just finks I'm fat. All right mommy, no more fashions.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Kitties are like fine wine...

Mommy and Daddy love their wine. But I smell that stuff and I don't understand how it smells/tastes like oak barrels and blackberries and pepper and whatever all mixed in together.
I fink snorfing kitty fur brings about a much more exciting bouquet. Take me, for example;

When a human snorfs my fur, they can smell a blend of kitty litter ripened with fabric softener from my blanky, mixed with dashes of Tuna-laced saliva and a peppering of dog snot.

Now Macy, on the other hand, sports a much stronger poopourri (heh) due to her own unique, uh... "flavors." With Macy dere's the instant lingering of hairball medicine dat's pungent but not too powerful for the palate. Dere seems to be a dash of baby powder and a hint of savory dirt.

I happen to be an '03 vintage, while Macy is an '04. As you can see, I clearly smell better than she does.

So in conclooshun, I have decided dat kitties are like fine wine; they just get better with age. No matter how stinky we get.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Doodle Day!

Mommy wants to participate in the Doodle Fundraiser by It's a Blog Eat Blog World for Cat Friends Helping Friends!

Mommy: What should I doodle, Killy?

Kilroy: Mommy, I wanna be a superhero!! Super Kilroy! I'll vanquish slobbery doggies and save byoo-tiful gurl cats!

Like my little red bootsies?

Toonces without a Cause

Here's an old SNL skit. Mommy's very fankful dat I don't steal hubcaps or grease my hair, right Mommy?

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Litter box in use, Gramma!

For Mothers Day, we decided to show Gramma how well we use the litterbox that she gave Mommy and us!

Here's Macy, not sure what to make of the blue crystals.
Macy: It's too bright and colorful to go to the bafroom in!

Here I am getting a Super Duper Gramma Hug. Don't worry, my eyes aren't really about to asplode. Gramma holds me in her Super Duper Gramma Hug and gives me lots of love until I decide that I've had so much love that I WILL asplode and then I wriggle until I can get away. As you can see, dis picture was not taken in the cuddle stages of the hug, this picture is from the "Okay, I'm done now!" stage.

Here I am, posing after the Super Duper Gramma Hug. Mommy can take pictures real good.

Happy Mother's Day!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Best in Show from Zoolatry

The wonderful and sweet creatures of Zoolatry have awarded me with their "Best in Show" award.

Many special fanks to Maggie, Zoey and their Mommy!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Daddy's Teknical Korner

Today we'll be discussing the most effective way to get a virus off your laptop, according to Daddy.

(Here's a picture of daddy)

First of all, a little background: Daddy is a handyman who works lots with his hands. He's not as computer literate as me or mommy, but he's learned fast in just a few years.

Okay, so let's first talk about how viruseses get on the laptop. Daddy says it just happens for no reason and he has no idea why his innernet program goes haywire sometimes. Tabs pop up like crazy and his screen blinks on and off.

(here I am, talking to Daddy about his innernet problems)

Mommy bought him a nice anti-virus program, but Daddy says that his method is better: First, when your laptop starts to act funny, you slap it shut, real fast! Second, you turn it over and rip out its battery. This makes the problem go away!

Until he turns it back on. Then it goes haywire again. He says he hasn't figured out how to fix that part yet.

EDIT: Daddy finks this post is very funny. He knows Mommy likes to tease him about the funny things he does. But he'd also like to point out that his laptop worked fine all afternoon today!

Look at mah belleh!

Kilroy: Mommy can't resist mah belleh. Look at mah belleh!

Kilroy: Dis is what I show mommy and she's can't RESIST but to touch it. And DAT's when I give her the bitey! She's like all... "Oh Killy, your belleh looks so soft and fuzzy" and I'm like, "Dat's right woman, touch the belleh."

Kilroy: And then she touches it and I SHOOT HER WIT MAH LASER BEAM EYES so that she'll go get me some tuna!
Macy: Geez Kilroy, knock it off. You don't have laser eyes. You show your belly because you're trying to sell your body for food.
Kilroy: But....but... look at mah belleh! It so cute! Don't no one wanna give me food if I show mah belleh? Mommy, don't you wanna touch mah belleh?
Macy: Don't touch his belly mom, he just wants to bite you.

Kilroy: But I even have the white poobic fur.... see? Dat makes it cuter, right?

Macy: Puh-leeze, fatso. Mom's gonna be more careful now.

Kilroy: Meanie. *sigh* I gonna chase you more tomorrow, Macy. I too depressed now.

Mommy: Oh Killy, you look so cute!!
Kilroy: Mommy, wanna touch mah belleh?

And thus ends another episode of mommy getting suckered by the belleh - again.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Meme Time!

Here I am looking sexah.

The very awesome Sweets the Cat tagged me for my very first meme!

The rules are as follows:
The rules of the game get posted at the beginning.
Each player answers the questions about themselves.
At the end of the post, the player then tags 4 or 5 people and post their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.
Let the person who tagged you know when you have posted your answer.

1.What was I doing 10 years ago? - Mommy finks I was a dirty old man before I became a cat because I like to thoroughly inspect people with my eyes when they're nekkid. That was prob'ly ten years ago.

2.What are the 5 things on my to do list for today - Sleep, Terrorize Macy (the stinky *other* cat), Scratch the sofa while daddy can't yell at me, Meow at the back door until I drive the penned doggies nuts, and Jump out of my new litterbox like I'm a stunt cat in a movie so that all the crystals stuck in my pads will come flying out and fall all over the floor and make a big mess so that when mommy and daddy come home, they'll say "What have those cats been doin' in the litter box???"

3. Snacks I enjoy - TUNA!!! Daddy always feeds me whenever he makes a meal with stuff in it that is okay for me to eat, especially TUNA!! I follow him around the kitchen going "Rowr? rowr? rowr? rowr?" until he feeds me some.

4. Things I would do if I were a billionaire - Buy lots and lots of Tuna. And I'd shave Macy cuz her fur gets EVERWHERE. And then I'd have saddles made especially for the doggies so they could become my trusty steeds and take me around the house and through the woods. Then I'd have a carriage made so the doggies could pull me.

5. Three of my bad habits - I don't have bad habits cuz mommy says I'm so perfect!

6. Five places I have lived - The ditch where mommy found me, Gramma's house, Granpa's house (mommy was trying to figure out where to live), a one bedroom apartment and now an ancient house built in 1939 where there are ghosts, but I chase 'em away, rawr!

7. Five jobs I have had - Ghost Chaser, Ex-Boyfriend Maker (see, I turned stupid boys in mommy's life from boyfriends into ex-boyfriends before daddy came along, cuz how dare they try to take my mommy away from me? But daddy is way cool so I was nice to him), House Protector, Snuggle Machine and Tough Guy who runs away at the sight of his own shadow.

Now to tag others! I would like to tag:

And Maggie and Zoey at Zoolatry!
PS - I won't be sad if you guys decide you don't wanna do this meme. :)

Monday, May 5, 2008

Catster test results!

So mommy had me take the Catster test that everycat was doing, and I'm... Simon Cowell!!

Mommy, what kind of answers did you put in there to come up with that???

"Simon Cowell
Hard to Please
Enterprising, brassy and not afraid to meow what's on his mind, Kilroy is Idol-maker Simon Cowell!
There's no beating around the bush with Kilroy and flattery will get you nowhere. Kilroy calls it like he sees it, and stands firm on all fours behind his decisions. The cat definitely does not have Kilroy's tongue—some of his pals think he's bitter and confrontational, while others find him to be impawsibly hilarious. Kilroy's influence on those around him is remarkable, and he takes advantage of this fact and uses it wisely. Behind his no-nonsense mask, Kilroy is a perceptive sponge, taking in what he sees and hears around him, and then figuring out how to make it look, or sound, better."

Nope, I don't think mommy put in the right answers. I love to be flattered cuz I know it's all true! But mommy says I do say what's on my mind! That, and I am a very materialistic cat. When I know I own somefing, I'm very happy about it cuz mommy gave it to me and it's mine. Even if I can't use it, I still love knowing that somefing belongs to me.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Birfday present!!

Mommy had a birfday on Friday, so Gramma and Daddy conspired and got her a gift that she could give to me! (and that stinky Macy)
'Cept I got the one with the big purple privacy lid! Fanks, mommy!!

She previously had my old litter box at the base of the kitty condo that she made for me:

(It's underneath that weird bottom part. That weird bottom part used to slam on her head when she cleaned my litter box)

My litter box is now NEXT to my kitty condo (on the floor, cuz now there's no kitty "tootsie rolls", as Gramma calls 'em, for the doggies to eat) and she's using the old litter box compartment for storage of my stuff. She can't put the new auto-super-matic litter box inside the kitty condo or else she wouldn't be able to see how many times Macy and I use our new auto-super-matic box.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Escapin' the stoopid dogs

I almost couldn't blog today cuz those stoopid dogs were chasin' me!

Here I am, on mommy and daddy's table, trying not to get slobbered on. You can see that mommy hasn't swept/vacuumed yet.

DIS is what I'm running from. Why are you just taking pictures, mommy? Aren't you going to save me? They want to slime me!

I know Sadie doesn't want to hurt me, but look at her licking those Cujo teef! And her eyes glow like the debil!

Well, the doggies are now on the porch so I can play while mommy is at work. Now I can chase the stinky creamsicle around.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

To the cat community

Everyone is being so nice and welcoming! Fanks everybody, especially Daisy! There are so many web pages to purr-ouse! I will do my best to look at them all.

Now that mommy's home from work, she's going to try to fix my web page to look a little nicer.

Knock Knock!

This is for the fundraiser that Camie's Kitties is raising fur Lilly Lu, Mu Shue and Iris.

Kilroy the Love Beastie: Knock Knock!

Macy the Creamsicle: Who's dere?

Kilroy the Love Beastie: Rawr!!

Macy the Creamsicle: Rawr Who?

Kilroy the Love Beastie: There's no "Rawr who" here! What I mean is RAWR!! I's gonna bites your toes again!

Macy the Creamsicle: Eeeeek!! Hiss!! Rowr!!! :::runs away:::

Kilroy the Love Beastie: That's right, hairball! Run away! This is my house!

(Minutes later)

Macy the Creamsicle: Knock Knock!

Kilroy the Love Beastie: Who's there?

Macy the Creamsicle: Yergunna!

Kilroy the Love Beastie: Yergunna who?

Macy the Creamsicle: Yergunna get it!

:::Macy rubs peanut butter on Kilroy's fur:::
:::The dogs round the corner and see their favorite treat on their favorite cat:::

Leah: Num num!!!

Sadie: Ohboy ohboy! Peanut butter a la Kilroy!

Kilroy the Love Beastie: ...NO!!!! :::runs and hides behind the bed:::

Macy the Creamsicle: I told you not to Knock Knock me around anymore!


Okay, that was corny. It's all mommy's fault. I didn't know any good knock-knock jokes so she suggested an action sequence. Last time I listen to a fledgling script writer.