Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Kilroy: My human just got laid off. The boss had to call her on her day off to say that there were big money problems so she and everyone else there is being laid off, effectively immediately. She doesn't even need to come into work tomorrow.

Tracy (the human): I've got my suspicions about what's REALLY going on, but this is WAY BETTER - so who cares? I've got two words to say here: unemployment benefits!

That is, until I get a better job.

Kilroy: Mommy can skritches me more!

Kilroy: And she can relax and have fun and finish some of her books while she's lookin' for dat new job. Her first book is a how-to guide and it's gettin' published any day now, but her life's work is Sci-Fi... and agents don't seem to get really excited about that. If she knew how to market 'em, she'd just print them herself through one of these online publishing companies!

She's also an artist, as her digital stuff can be found here: http://www.damnpixie.com/digital.htm. She was thinking about trying to market those as well, but doesn't know where to start. Does anyone have any advice?

Anyway, FREEDOM! :::Deep sigh of relief::: ...Well, that is... until the next job, but hopefully it'll be a good job!


Kellie The Orange Cat said...

I am glad that your Mom will be able to spend more time with you and give you lots of scritches!

Daisy said...

How neat that your mom is an artist and writer! We looked at the link and that is some really cool art. I hope your mom gets a different job that she likes even better than the old job.

PB & J said...

We're happy for you guys, as long as you guys are happy! But extra scritches are never bad!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Whatever your mom was doing, she must have really hated. We wish her well finding something she enjoys.

katztales said...

Ouch unemployment sucks.

I'm trying to place two novels (Wrote a harlequin romance over Hari Raya/Eid last year and a romance cum spy novel over Christmas) I'm going through the Novel and Short Story Writer's Market book and it has a good section on sci-fi publications.

Karl & Ruis said...

Thank you guys so much for your very funny post on our reception blog! Hahahaha... poor Macy....
We are looking forward to seeing you on board the Voyager for the wedding real soon!

Icon Baxter Bentley said...

Awh! At least you'll get lots of attention while she is home

Camie's Kitties said...

We are sorry about the loss of the job if only because of the steady paycheck. You might want to check with Max's mom (Max the psychokitty). She does publishing.

Good luck with finding a new job.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie

goldenshade said...

This will probably turn out to be a great thing in the end. For both you and your mom! Take this time to immerse yourself in creativity and relaxation. Your mom, not you Kilroy. You just lay back and reap the rewards of extra scritches.

Your mom does great work. The PM has no marketing advice, sorry. Is your mom on a group website for artists and craftpersons, like Etsy or something?

Purrs Goldie

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Wow, your mommy is super cool! We are sure that she will find a better job that allows her more time for what is important....YOU!

Meanwhile, enjoy all the skritches!!!

zevo hussein calamari said...

So sorry that your mom got laid off.. but we are happy to hear that she can get unemployment.

Tell your mom that she could market her cool art on cafepress...my pet human can give your details how she does it. just email us again with contact info and she will email you back.
we are at
k9acudoc at verizon dot net

MoMo said...

Enjoy the little window of leisure! We wish her all the best in finding soemthing she enjoys doing.

Mo said...

Your mommy has some cool stuff, Kilroy.
Has she thought about making greeting cards of her artwork? I carry several different photographers and artists cards in my store, and they sell far far better than their prints of the same images.
If there's a local Art Guild they could help with resources, but just going into small boutique stores and talking to the owners is a great way to get stuff featured in stores. I'm sure in your town there's a shop owner like me who wants to feature local artists!
You could also look into CafePress, too.
cheers to extra chin scritches!
Not The Mama